PAZGERSH© Architecture + Design ltd was established in 2005 by Sharon Paz Gersh (B.Arch 1997) and Zvi Gersh (B.Arch 1995) and consists of six architects. PAZGERSH Architects has established an international reputation as a leading design firm with wide experience in residential and commercial work. The firm’s designs include residential projects, public spaces and movie theatres in Israel and abroad as well as building preservation.

In addition to leading PAZGERSH Architects, Architect Zvi Gersh lectures in Ariel University and guides architecture students through their bachelor degree theses and final projects.

In planning residential and commercial projects, PAZGERSH devotes attention to both comprehensive planning and details. PAZGERSH Architects’ preservation projects include numerous buildings in the Neve-Tzedek neighborhood in Tel-Aviv. These projects interpret the aesthetics of the past and revive them in a unique way into the present. One of these houses, the V house, has been granted PAZGERSH with the most influencing Israeli Architects’ award.

PAZGERSH Architects’ designs vary in style and concept. Zvi Gersh approaches each and every project with total engagement and with no prepared ideas. The complete project is a synergy of research, challenges, solutions and imagination with attention to the client’s wishes and requirements.